Is Web Development Hard

Since we started in 1997 the web and all its components have changed over the years. As a custom website designer we have had to evolve to meet those changes and in some examples, lead that evolution.

We have developed a series of custom websites that will help you profitably work the web. The main purpose of a website is to gain sales on products and services for your business.

We can help you do that!

Static HTML Websites

A static html website is by the far the simplest and easiest to optimise for search engines.

A static html custom website consists of anything from 5 – 20 pages and is hard coded by us. After completion we then load to the the world’s major search engines and away you go.

The look is usually in harmony with your logo and colours flow from that. It takes 4 / 5 days to hard code the html website and we are very literally in your hands.

We know very little about your business so are dependant on you for text content and pictures.

If you are going to have a website, you may as well get it right. If you don’t, there is a good chance that you will simply have wasted your money.

Even if you went for the cheapest possible option, it is still money wasted if it doesn’t work. In fact, if you went for the cheapest option it is almost guaranteed that it is money wasted because getting it right takes time and dedication on the part of the developer.

At Web Inn we work closely with clients to determine your exact requirements and advise on the best techniques and strategies to use on your site.

We also take the time to point out and explain any potentially detrimental issues that clients may at first request. Where our advice is taken, the sites that we build work.

Website Characteristics:

  • Unique look and design
  • Reflects your company branding and image
  • User friendly
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Fast loading
  • Fully optimised and search engine friendly
  • Super fast listings on Google, MSN, and other major search engines
  • Completed site is manually submitted to the major relevant directories

CMS Websites

A Content Management System based website is a website that allows you to more easily update and manage the content on your website. You will have an account that you can log into which allows you to easily update pages on your website.

We design your website using WordPress, the most popular CMS, and customise its appearance and add functionality with plugins if necessary.

Websites created in this way are easy to make good-looking and responsive for viewing on mobile devices.