In essence a static website is the simplest and easily optimised for the clients main product. The reason the website is static is because once loaded changes must be made with an experienced coder or someone that has a software programme.

Text changes can be easily made through the server's File Manager.

First page: R650

Subsequent pages: R450 each up to 20 pages. For sites larger than 20 pages we work on a per project basis which normally reduces the cost per page.

Secure enquiry form with "thank you" page Normally costed as a standard page at R450. Allows for up to 10 standard input fields in standard layout. Forms that are more complex or detailed would need to be specifically quoted for.

Flash header or other flash elements Depends on exact spec, but ranges from R600 upward

The above changes do not include domain name registration

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A mobi websites primary goal is to make an cellphone user have a faster experience that just browsing your normal website. Mobl websites must be fast and optimised for a cellphone. Most cellphone users use BlackberrysTM and cellphone with lower resolutions. With that is mind the information on a mobi website must be compact and succinct. You can expect that obly 15% of your mobi wensite visitors will be using iPads and alike.

First page: R650

Subsequent pages: R450

The above changes do not include domain name registration

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If you're not sure of all the web terminology and jargon, why not have a quick read through our basic web glossary before you get going.

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