Accessing your member account area:
You can access your account area by logging in from almost any page on this website. If you look on the right hand side of this page beneath the menu, you will see the login area.

Your username is the email address that we have on record for you (the one to which we send your invoice each month). Your password is the password that was included in your Welcome email that was sent to you when you first signed up for hosting with us.

Member account area overview:
When you first login to your account area you will see a number of different things.
Under our banner at the top of the page you will see a horizontal menu that you will use to access the various available features listed below. Beneath this you will see a summary of the most recent newsletters we have sent to you and/or a summary of our latest announcements.

Beneath this you will see a summary of your last 15 support tickets. If you have any current invoices outstanding, you will see the summary of this to the right of the support tickets.

On the far right of the page you will see any messages or important information that are of a more permanent nature.

Navigation: Most of these summary areas, like tickets, invoices and announcements are also links that you can click for quick access to the relevant item.

Resting your mouse on any of the horizontal menu items at the top of the page beneath our banner, will open up the sub-menu for that item, if there is one.

Alternatively, clicking on these items will take you to the main page for that area and, in the main page you will see the submenu links as a blue horizontal tab bar. The active sub-menu link (the page you are currently on) will be in orange instead of blue.

Checking or changing your personal account details:
On the horizontal menu at the top of the page, click on "Profile". This will open up a page with the information that we have on record for you, such as contact name and details, format for emails, email opt ins, etc. - Please note that you cannot opt out of system emails, only newsletters that do not contain important account information.

You can change any of your details and preferences in this area, including your main account password. Please note that this will only change your password for accessing this member area and will not affect the password used to access your cpanel of email accounts.

Remember to click on "update" at the bottom of the page (and wait for it to save) for any changes to take effect.

Checking your hosting accounts:
On the main menu at the top of the page, rest your mouse on "Client Info" and then click on the sub-menu, "view packages". The new page will show your existing packages. You cannot change anything in this area.

Checking your Invoices and recurring fees:
Rest your mouse on "billing" on the top horizontal menu and you will see 3 options: "viewing active invoices" - shows you all currently outstanding invoices; "archived invoices" - shows all paid invoices; "recurring overview" - shows your standard monthly recurring fees.

You can resend an invoice or recept to yourself by clicking in the white checkbox next to the invoice. Options will open up beneath the invoice. Simply click on the one that you want to use (in this case, "send").

To view the details of the invoice, simply click on the invoice summary and the detailed overview will open up beneath it, including the date on which it was marked as paid on the system. Clicking on the detailed view will open up the PDF version that gets attached when the invoice is emailed to you.

Submitting a support ticket:
If you rest your mouse on "support", 3 options will appear in the sub-menu: "overview" - a list of open (current) support tickets; "closed tickets" - your history of prior tickets; "submit ticket" - submit a new support ticket.

Clicking on any of these sub-menu links will take you to the relevant area, which will also have the three sub-links at the top of the page.

To submit a new ticket, click on the "submit ticket" option and on the new page select your type and priority, type in a subject, type in your request and click on "submit ticket" underneath.

Your ticket will now be in the system and permanently logged.

The ticket is also linked to the email system, which means that you will receive our response via email and you can reply back via email - all correspondence done on a ticket via email will automatically update the information in the account ticket area as well and become part of the permanent record.

Resending your account Welcome email to yourself:
Simply click on "view packages" under "client info" in the top horizontal menu. At the bottom of your account area, click on "send welcome email".


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